More about CMI

The Finnish Maritime Law Association CMI is an association for persons who work with, or otherwise take an interest in, maritime law in Finland. The association is a member association of the Comité Maritime International (CMI); a private international association with a membership composed of national maritime law associations. The CMI aims at promoting the development and harmonization of international maritime law in all fields.

The statutes of the Finnish Maritime Law Association specifically provide that the aim of the association is to work towards unity and international harmonization of maritime law and that the association in doing so will cooperate with corresponding associations in other countries and with the ‘parent’ association CMI.

In practice, a significant part of the Association’s tasks consist of preparing opinions on various topical issues of maritime law for authorities, organizations (notably the CMI) and others, as well as issuing publications, organizing seminars and similar activities in the field of maritime law. The Association regularly organizes meetings for its membership (lately two – three times per year) where topical issues of maritime law are presented and discussed.

Members in the Finnish Maritime Law Associations form an integral part of the country’s maritime law community. In addition to being invited to the meetings of the Association, members are regularly informed about other relevant activities and updated on important news or other developments of significance for maritime law in Finland. For those interested, membership also offers opportunities for international activities, through the work of the CMI, where the Finnish Maritime Law Association is represented in various working groups.

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